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The world is a linked entity, and one language is never enough! {"Linking the Web, Connecting the World - Around the Globe in Six Languages"}

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English:  luster  Listen
  Chinese:  光泽 (guāng zé)  Listen
Japanese:  光沢 (こうたく)  Listen
French:  lustre m.  Listen
Spanish:  lustre m.  Listen
German:  der Glanz  Listen
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Golden voice of Enrico Caruso was silenced What Happened in the World 100 Years Ago - 08/02/1921
[Golden voice of Enrico Caruso was silenced] Enrico Caruso (1873-1921), the most famous tenor of our time and one of the best-kno...[more]
[中文] 恩里科·卡鲁索的金色声音沉寂 --- [more]
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