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What Happened in the World 100 Years Ago - 08/02/1921
Golden voice of Enrico Caruso was silenced
[Golden voice of Enrico Caruso was silenced] Enrico Caruso (1873-1921), the most famous tenor of our time and one of the best-known and loved singers in the world, died in his native Naples. But his voice was not stilled. Caruso recorded more than 160 records for the Victor Talking Machine Company. Caruso lapsed into a coma after suffering from pleurisy that he contracted on a visit to New York. King Victor Emmanuel had ordered a special funeral service in the great tenor's honor. Caruso would be remembered for his warm, technically perfect voice.
[中文] 恩里科·卡鲁索的金色声音沉寂 --- [more]
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