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One Sentence A Day
Chinese:  我明天早晨7点钟离开. (wǒ míng tiān zǎo chén qī diǎn zhōng lí kāi)  Listen(Mandarin or Putonghua)  Listen Listen     
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EnglishChicken Feet with Pickled Peppers  Listen
Chinese泡椒凤爪 (pào jiāo fèng zhuǎ)  Listen  
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One Idiom A Day
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Chinese  物竞天择 (wù jìng tiān zé)  Listen
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EnglishThe fittest survives  Listen
One Chinese Painting A Day
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EnglishPortrait of Jennifer [Painter: Xu Beihong (1895-1953)]
Chinese珍妮小姐画像 [画家:徐悲鸿 1895-1953]
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Beijing 2008 Olympics Flashback
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Beijing Hotels
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