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Audio Word of the Day for Travel
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English:  void  Listen
  Chinese:  无效 (wú xiào)  Listen
Japanese:  無効 (むこう)  Listen
French:  non valable  Listen
Spanish:  nulo  Listen
German:  ungültig  Listen
[Travel] [旅游/旅遊 lǚ yóu] [旅行 りょこう] [Voyage] [Viaje] [Reise]
Travel is part of one's life. By definition, travel is the transport of people on a trip or journey, which can be a business trip, a trip to visit family or friends, or a trip for pleasure. Regardless of the purpose, you can certainly find a lot of attractions here for your next travel.
One View A Day [一天一景] [今日の風景] [Vue de la Journée] [Una Vista del Día] [Blick des Tag]
Arctic Ocean
   Arctic Ocean
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Five Oceans
  • Arctic Ocean
    Arctic Ocean view

Carnival Cruise Lines
   Carnival Cruise Lines
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Cruise Ships
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
    Carnival Freedom, 952 feet long, 13 decks, 2,974 passengers, 1,150 crew (Panama)

Traveling abroad? Learn to speak one sentence a day (Languages Learning)
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Other Languages
Chinese  我感冒了. (wǒ gǎn mào le) Listen
Japanese風邪をひきました. Listen
French  Je suis enrhumé(e). Listen
Spanish  Estoy resfriado. Listen
German  Ich bin erkältet. Listen - Travel
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