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What Happened in the World 100 Years Ago - 06/01/1920
Duchamp's Mr. 'Mona Lisa'
[Duchamp's Mr. 'Mona Lisa'] If creation had been the motivation for most artistic movements, then negation seemed to be the purpose of Dadaism. The first international exposition of Dadaist work opened at a gallery in Berlin. The work of Georg Grosz and other artists was represented, and it seemed more designed to shock visitors than inspire them. Dadaists did not like unifying themes, but if there was one in Berlin, it might be the industrial revolution and modern technology. Smoke billowed from chimneys on canvases and photocollages, and stuffed puppets hang from the ceiling. Grosz and another of the artists posted themselves at the door with a sign reading, "Art is dead. This is the new machine art."
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