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What Happened in the World 100 Years Ago - 10/21/1919
Trotsky's army defeated White Russians
[Trotsky's army defeated White Russians] Civil war had ripped Russia apart, but the Red army was beginning to get the upper hand. Earlier this month, Cossack forces under the control of General Anton Denikin were just outside Moscow, poised for a final assault on the city. Then the Red army counterattacked and forced Denikin to retreat. It was a debacle for the White army. Leon Trotsky, head of the Red army, defeated Yudenich and chased his troops as they scattered in Estonia. The Red army was also driving a wedge between the forces of General Alexander Kolchak and marching toward the Urals.
[中文] 托洛茨基率领的军队击败白俄罗斯人 --- [more]
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