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What Happened in the World 100 Years Ago - 01/27/1922
Nellie Bly was dead
[Nellie Bly was dead] Elizabeth Cochrane Seamon, better known to newspaper readers as reporter Nellie Bly, died of pneumonia at the age of 54. Raised in a small Pennsylvania town, Miss Bly started with the Pittsbergh Dispatch at age 17. She quickly advanced to Pulitzer's New York World. There Bly became a famed traveler, documenting and conducting the swiftest solo trip around the world and completing it in less than the fictional Phineas Fogg's 80 days. Her assignments were usually not so whimsical; she preferred crusades for socail reform. In 1887, she feigned insanity to investigate conditions at a mental asylum and wrote about patients subjected to neglect and violence. Her expose resulted in nationwide reform.
[中文] 内莉·布莱去世 --- [more]
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